blue headlights

drink to ghosts of past years' catastrophic love affairs,
to robes of red and silver tales worn thin from too much care.
comfort doesn't always come in glasses, but perhaps tonight
i won't be the only one with blue headlights.

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( perfume genius - queen )

directed by SSION

i asked my mom what music she’s been listening to lately and she told me:

  • Prince - 1999 
  • Labelle - Lady Marmalade
  • "…and some Queen

(guys i think my mom is gay)

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Queen - I want to break free

i love when queen shows up on my dash

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they call me mr. fahrenheit

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E.L.O - Turn To Stone

“I turn to stone when you are gone”

this song on repeat plus ‘don’t stop me now’ by queen

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